An important health warning to citizens regarding weather fluctuations


Dr. Wagdy Amin, Director General of the General Department of Chest Diseases at the Ministry of Health and Population, said that patients with chest allergies should not go out of the house in such conditions except for necessity only.

And he continued, in a press statement, that it is necessary to wear masks while leaving the house in the presence of the dust storm, to avoid the entry of air into the airways.

The Director General of the General Department of Chest Diseases stressed the importance of following the data prescribed by the doctor before leaving the house in an adequate period of time.

Sit in well-ventilated places
“Ameen” explained that it is preferable to sit in well-ventilated places, stay away from crowded places, and avoid feeling suffocated. He also advised putting allergy medicines in the bag when going out, and taking them on the dates set by the doctor.

He added that you should drink enough water to improve blood flow to the lungs, and make sure that the windows of the house are closed well to prevent dirt and dust from entering the rooms.

The country is witnessing a state of weather fluctuations loaded with wind and dust, and in the interest of the Ministry of Health and Population to preserve the safety and health of citizens, it provided them with a treatment prescription that can be prevented during this period.


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