An officer by day and a prosecutor by night … a new victim of “Mr. X” in Giza


He was not deterred by his arrest and his imprisonment several times, on the charge of impersonating officials in sovereign bodies, in order to deceive citizens, seize their property and money, and then disappear from the eyes of the security services. Giza.

About three years ago, a young man proposed to a girl in Alexandria governorate, assuming the status of a police officer, and deluded her family with his work in the Ministry of Interior, and the engagement was held after he deceived the girl and her family by wearing the uniform of a police officer and carrying him a captain, and soon the girl’s family discovered that they had been subjected to a fraud by They immediately informed the security services that arrested him, and in his possession the Miri uniform, the police card, and a forged national ID card, and he was imprisoned.

Ten days ago, Gizas swindler carried out a new incident of stealing a citizen’s car in the Haram area, after he was deluded into being a prosecutor, and he extracted a forged national ID and ID card to convince his victims to work for a sovereign authority.

Khaled Mustafa Mabrouk, the owner of the car, said that he recognized the fugitive quorum through a friend over the past months, and 10 days ago he stole his car and ran away, and wrote the report No. 5878 misdemeanor of the student.

For its part, the security services of the Giza Security Directorate are intensifying their efforts to arrest the fugitive suspect who disappeared from his place of residence after the report was edited in the Talbiya Police Department.

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