An open channel on Nilesat announces the transfer of the match between Egypt and Kenya


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Looking for football loversEgyptian team For the channel carrying events Egypt-Kenya match Scheduled for today within the fifth round of the qualifying rounds for the African Nations Championship in Cameroon, and with the monopoly of Bain Sport channels to broadcast the qualifying matches, the national team and football fans have resorted to An open channel that broadcasts the Egypt-Kenya match Away from the monopoly of BEIN Sport.

Recently, a new channel appeared on the Nilesat satellite with a frequency of 12522 encoding rate 27500 / vertical. It announced the broadcasting of the African qualifiers and indicated that it will broadcast the European Champions League and European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and the nascent channel carries the name South.

The new channel will broadcast matches in the same way My mxby channel Which had previously been broadcast Al-Ahly matches African and some Champions League matches.

It is set to be The date of the match between Egypt and Kenya At 6 pm today, the Egyptian national team seeks to maintain the top of the group and formally qualify for the finals if it beats Kenya

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