An urgent decision by Biden to confront the burning situation in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa … Details


The American magazine “Foreign Policy” reported on Monday that US President Joe Biden will appoint a former senior United Nations official as envoy to the Horn of Africa, noting that Washington wants someone experienced in the crises raging in East Africa.

She said the Biden administration is expected to benefit from a former high-ranking official at the United Nations and a seasoned US diplomat to be a special envoy to the Horn of Africa, a new position aimed at addressing the unraveling crisis in Ethiopia and instability in the wider region.

Jeffrey Feltman, former chief political advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General, was offered the newly created position, according to several people familiar with the matter, though they warned that the appointment had not been finalized.

If appointed, Feltman would become the best diplomatic explorer for US President Joe Biden for a region torn by conflict and violence in the wake of a civil war that raged in Ethiopia after the Ethiopian military campaign in the northern Tigray region in the country was marked by widespread reports of atrocities and massacres on ethnic grounds, and threatening to escalate to what Beyond the borders of Ethiopia and into a comprehensive regional crisis.

The crisis is a major early test in the foreign policy of the new Biden administration, which has intensified pressure on the Ethiopian government to end the conflict in Tigray and extended the cut-off period of US funding for most security assistance programs to the East African country.

Biden had sent a close ally of Capitol Hill, Democratic Senator Chris Kunz, to Ethiopia over the weekend to convey US concerns about the crisis to top leaders of Ethiopia and the African Union.

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