An urgent statement from Sudanese energy and oil regarding the second filling of the Renaissance Dam


Today, Tuesday, the Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Oil issued a statement regarding the negative effects of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam on Sudan.

According to the statement, the Sudanese Minister of Energy and Oil, Jaden Ali Obaid, confirmed that the expected second filling of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will negatively affect the production of electrical energy in Sudan.

“The timing of the second phase of filling the Renaissance Dam from June to August will lead to a drop in the water level to the lowest level, which will affect the hydro-generating stations and the production of electric power in Sudan,” Obaid said during his meeting with the head of the US peace mission in Sudan, Donald Booth.

He added that Khartoum is making efforts to reduce the amount of electric power production as a precaution in the event that decisions are issued without agreement or coordination between the parties, noting the importance of reaching an agreement between all parties before Ethiopia decides to unilaterally fill the dam.

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