Angela Bishara: I lived in cohabitation with Wael Kfoury for a year, and our marriage did not continue because it canceled my existence | news


In her first media appearance, Mrs. Angela Bishara, the free artist, Wael Kfoury, was a guest with Ali Yassin, on the “Al Jadeed” channel.

During the interview, Bishara made many bold statements on all topics that were the subject of controversy during the last period, and in the following lines we monitor for you the most prominent statements of Wael Kfoury.

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– I am a Lebanese citizen, born in Washington, where she stayed at the age of ten years, then I returned to Lebanon and completed her studies until university and marriage after graduating at the age of 24.

– I have never bothered to affix the adjective “Wael Kfoury Free” to my name because this is the truth, but that cannot eliminate my personality and my existence in life.

I am not against the idea of ​​cohabitation before marriage, provided that it is between the period of engagement and marriage, and I lived this stage with Wael Kfoury for a year.

I am for adoption and for having children without marriage.

It is difficult to live with a famous person and there is no love without jealousy so we were both jealous of each other.

Marriage is the highest institution in life, the fruit of which is the children, continuity and partnership between them, but when one of them cancels the second party, then the marriage and the partnership are nullified.

-I derive my strength from my daughters Michel and Milana, who are the focus of my life, and I sacrifice every second for them, and I will continue to make sacrifices in honor of them, and forget my fatigue every time I hear from them “You are the best mother in this life.

My daughters are talented in singing and acting.

I like my honesty, but it hurts me.

– I do not have a problem with Nidal al-Ahmadiyya, but she has problems with everyone and with herself. After I asked her not to talk about me, I was surprised that she talked about my family badly.

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