Annabella Hilal: Raising my children is my first and last concern..and my sister’s migration to America changed me Video


Lebanese journalist Annabella Hilal explained that the biggest challenge in her life is raising her children on the same principles that she was brought up with.

During her interview with the artist Mohamed Assaf on the program “Frankly With” on MBC1, Annabella Hilal said: Today, the biggest challenge for me, my first and last concern is raising my children, their safety and health, and raising them on the same principles, thinking and ambition as my family raised me.

Annabella Hilal revealed that her sister’s immigration to America was a turning point in her life, and she said: Our family is very united, I, my sister and my brother have a strong bond, and when my sister traveled to America, she turned into another person. My sister is the second eye I see in her, and the story of immigration was not forthcoming.

Annabella Hilal added that she always viewed beauty and fame as void glory, and the most important thing for her was to prove her ability to obtain a degree she is proud of, even if it is as difficult as a law degree.


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