Anwar: I refuse to belittle the local and African Super … and the Clubs World Cup is an “honorary tournament”


Hamada Anwar, a former member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, talked about Al-Ahly winning third place in the last World Cup in the State of Qatar.

Al-Ahly had qualified for the last club World Championship after winning the Champions League at the expense of Zamalek in the final of the century, which ended with the goal of Muhammad Magdi Afsha in the 85th minute.

“I refuse to underestimate the value of crowning the local and African Super Championships last season,” Hamadeh said in statements on the “Bulldozer” program, broadcast on “Al Shams” channel.“.

He continued: “Those who repeat that, I tell him that the Club World Cup is an honorary tournament, and despite that, Al-Ahly celebrated the third in the world.”“.

Anwar added: “The main reason for the lack of stability for Zamalek is the disagreements from within the club, and unfortunately these differences will not end.”“.

He continued: “Anyone who will stand on the line in Al-Ahly will get a championship because there is a successful system and no one can deny that.“.

He continued: “Pacheco is a very strong personal trainer. What happened in the second term is not responsible for him.”“.

He concluded: “Any foreign coach who would work in this climate would have left as long as the players would not be punished“.


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