Anwar: We made a mistake with Al-Naqaz … and we did not renew Lassi because his season did not come


Hamada Anwar, a former member of Zamalek’s board of directors, admitted his club’s mistake in the file of Tunisian player Hamdi Al-Naqaz, who left the club last season because he did not receive his late financial dues.

Anwar added in statements on the “Al-Shams” screen: “There was a mistake with Hamdi Al-Naqaz condemning Zamalek Club. The player was supposed to get his dues in four installments, but he was getting his money every month.”

He continued, “When Al-Naqaz’s salary was delayed for two months, he then terminated his contract.”

Al-Naqaz had gone to the International Federation of Football Association “FIFA” in order to get his dues, so that a decision was issued imposing a penalty on the White Club estimated at one million and 250 thousand dollars.

Al-Naqaz left after his contract was canceled to the Lithuanian ranks of Sudova and from there to Tunisias Esperance Sports, with whom he is playing his first season with “Bab Souika”.

And on the renewal file for Ferjani Sassi, he replied: “We did not negotiate the renewal because the season was not at the end of the season, but what I learned was that the player requested $ 2 million annually.”

Sassi’s contract with Zamalek is set to expire at the end of the current season, and the player has not yet renewed his contract.

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