Apple releases Saylists for users with speech disorders


Launched Apple Music Feature Saylists For songs with difficult sounds to help young people with speech disorders and speech problems, there are 10 lists on Apple Music Each corresponds to an acoustic sound that can be challenging for people with speech disorders – such asCH” And “K” And “R“.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, repetition is the key to treatment to overcome speech disorder, so it is hoped that singing with songs that use problematic sounds frequently will provide an enjoyable form of therapy.

Many children suffer from some form of speech sound disorder (SSD), Which is a general term for a group of children’s speech difficulties.

Apple said, “Lists Saylists It is a set of playlists, each focusing on a different sound, “she said.” By choosing one and singing together, you can practice a problem in a fun way, and most importantly, it is not boring. “

Lists are prepared Saylists Exclusive to Apple Music And available to all subscribers Apple Music In the world.

All songs are in lists Saylists Written in English, and although it’s specially curated for little ones, people of all ages can play it.

It features a mixture of modern melodies from the likes Ed Sheeran And Justin BieberPlus classics of the likes Beatles And Talking Heads And Kinks And Smashing Pumpkins.

Warner Music and Rothko, an Irish creative agency, teamed up to create 10 “lists” – “”CH” , And “D” , And “F” , And “G” , And “K , And” L “, And” R “, And” S ” And “WITH” And “T“.

The playlist includesCHFor example, a song.Changes” by David Bowie And “Too Much Too Young” by The Specials, While the playlist includesL“On a song”Can’t Get You Out of My Head” written by Kylie Minogue


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