Apple will launch a smart watch to work in rugged conditions


Apple has so far launched 6 models of the Apple Watch series – all with a similar case that exudes a luxurious smooth surface made of aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, but a new report from Bloomberg has revealed that Apple is considering launching an Apple Watch with a durable case.

According to the report, this Apple Watch specifically, will target athletes, hikers and more people who may want to put their smartwatch in harsh conditions, and according to people familiar with the development, the report claimed that this rugged Apple Watch was referred to internally as “Explorer Edition” It is expected to launch at a later time, in 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.

The report also highlights that this is the second time that discussions about the rugged Apple Watch have emerged, as the company considered the same after it had just launched the first version of the Apple Watch in 2015, and if such a model did launch, it would only be an additional model on Similar to the Apple Watch SE and Nike or Hermes International versions of the Apple Watch.

He also adds that Apple is also working on new swim tracking features for the Apple Watch, and earlier this month, a report by IDC claimed that more Indians are wearing smartwatches than ever before and that the rate of new smartwatch adoption in India is being driven by a company. Apple, while the company owns 51% of the market share in the smart watch category.


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