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Today, the US police arrested a 69-year-old woman, Marilyn Hartman, at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

This came after announcing her retirement from this illegal practice during an interview with “CBS2”.

Hartman said she resisted conducting the interview until she was confident she would never make an illegal flight again.

During the TV interview, she said, “The thing I have to tell you is, I have never been able to get on a plane myself, I have always been allowed to cross, I mean I was able to pass through safety without a ticket or boarding pass“.

Hartmann began electronic surveillance after violating the terms of her probation for the same crime at the airport itself in 2019, and a “stealth traveler” spent 500 days in the Cook County Jail in Chicago on charges of burglary, criminal trespass and breach of probation.

Hartman never stopped her illegal practice, as the police arrested her at the international airport thanks to her tracking device, after leaving an electronic monitored residential facility on Tuesday afternoon to board another plane without a ticket..

Hartmann’s first trip began with sneaking onto the plane without a ticket for the first time in 2002, when I was able to cross over to Copenhagen, and the second time it was to Paris, as I traveled to Seattle, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco and London for free..

She was arrested for the first time in August 2014 when she was on her way from San Jose to Los Angeles, California. Since Hartman was first arrested, she was arrested several times after that. She became known by name at O’Hare Airport, where her appearance is referred to as “Seeing Marilyn.”“.

But Hartman was released from Cook County Jail and placed under surveillance in March 2020 after being assaulted in the prison, and after the emerging coronavirus pandemic became a source of concern for inmates..

Some reporters who have tracked her arrest have reported that the success of her elusiveness depends on her ability to integrate into a crowd as a seemingly innocuous old white woman..


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