Assistant Pacheco: We haven’t been paid for 3 and a half months


Alex Costa, assistant coach to Jimmy Pacheco, the former coach of Zamalek, said that the coaching staff had not received their dues for 3 and a half months before leaving the team.

He added in televised statements to the “Match” program on the Sada al-Balad satellite channel: “The problem has not been solved yet. The board of directors met with us and our agent and we did not receive our dues and rewards for the previous matches, and despite this, we feel a great love for the Zamalek fans, which is what made us work without getting.” On our dues in the last months. ”

He continued: “I was sad for the loss of Zamalek to Esperance after our departure.”

Costa recounted the scenes of the departure of Zamalek’s coaching staff: “All the time we used to hear news that Pacheco was going … the situation was confusing.”

And he added: “In the Ceramica Cleopatra match, we found that in the eyes of the players, but the first official information was from the financial department in Zamalek after the Ceramica match, when they told us at 11 oclock at the hotel that we will cancel the contract.”

He described his feelings at the time: “The ball is our return not to be surprised by anything, it is football. When we were informed of the decision, we should have dealt with it … We wish success to Zamalek in the next stage.”

He pointed out that the goal of the technical staff before his departure was to cross the hurdle of Tunisias Esperance in the fourth round, to take a step towards surpassing the group stage in the Champions League.

He concluded: “An incredible sense of the reaction of the fans of Zamalek, these feelings made me love Zamalek and Egypt more, we do not understand everything that is said, but we reached the state of love.”


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