Astronomers measure the mass of cold matter in the universe


Astrophysicists have proven that almost half of the universe’s matter is hiding in the intergalactic space, after they observed the expansion of light from tens of thousands of galaxies during its journey to Earth. Rays of what. “

According to the “RT” website, the scientists assumed that the structure of the universe resembles a huge three-dimensional spider web whose threads form clusters of dark matter, and bundles of dense material visible in the form of galaxies and their clusters appear in the places where these strings intersect.

For decades, astronomers have been studying the structure of this spider’s network of space by observing thousands of galaxies and the so-called elemental cosmic rays as echoes of the big cosmic explosion. These primary rays contain information about the distribution of dark matter in its earliest moments.

Recent observations made by astronomers have shown that the total mass of visible matter in the strands of the cosmic spider web is twice as large as theoretical calculations indicate. So astronomers began to look for places where the insufficient material could be hiding.

Also, after analyzing the information received from radio telescopes that dealt with strong emissions of radio rays in distant galaxies, scientists reached the conclusion that this material is hiding in the intergalactic space in the form of cold gas clouds.

The astronomer from the “Argonne” laboratory, Honas Chavez Monteiro, conducted a study based on the method of measuring the mass of matter of the universe, which is based on a phenomenon discovered by the two Russian astronomers, Rashid Soniaev and Yakov Zeldovich.

And, Chavez Monteiro, and his colleagues reached the conclusion that the material of the intergalactic space can influence the elementary cosmic rays. This effect can be used to assess the mass of cold matter hiding in the intergalactic field. And that is by measuring its red deviation, or rather by measuring the strength of the expansion of the light coming from the stars of those galaxies on its way to Earth.

After obtaining information about the expansion of light from the stars of thousands of galaxies located near and far from the Milky Way, astronomers measured the share of cold matter located in an intergalactic space and drew a map of its distribution in the universe. And it turns out that half of the cold matter is hiding in an intergalactic space.


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