Autumn Fashion Abayas 2021 from Instagram


There are many fabrics Gulf abayas In every season, fabrics made of velvet, wool and other heavy materials stand out in the fall, so we advise you – my dear – to include them in your garment. So that you can enjoy a soft and elegant autumn look that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your look, and today we offer you several ideas from Fashion Blogs; To shine in fall 2021.

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Wide Basht Abayas from Fatima Hossam

Fatima Hossam
Fatima Hossam

Fatima Hussam, a Syrian fashion blogger living in the UAE, relies on soft Basht abayas for her looks, and she is distinguished by choosing Colored designs Cold and soft in its various options, and among the most prominent looks, she wore a wide blue abaya decorated with white stripes, and completed the look with shoes and a bag in light sky color with a soft white veil, and in another look she appeared with a burgundy red abaya with a brown dress with a drop-down cut, and completed her look with soft gold jewelry for a distinctive option .

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Khawla Al Maraghi with distinctive autumnal abayas

Khawla Al-Maraghi
Khawla Al-Maraghi

The Bahraini media, Khawla Al-Maraghi, is distinguished by its choice Soft designs for Gulf fashion Suitable for different fashion lines, so she sparkled with a green abaya designed with two layers and decorated with thin and wide golden lines at the top of the design, and she completed her look with soft silver accessories, and in a distinctive outfit, she chose a brown abaya decorated with a dark brown fabric and embroidered with golden wavy lines for a distinctive look, and in a look suitable for different parties she coordinated A blue abaya printed with golden circles and decorated with a wrapped fabric in a soft style, she completed her look with golden accessories and a white veil for a soft and elegant option, as well as adorned with a red designed abaya with a drop-down cut with slender white lines for the bottom, decorated with small lobes and soft gold jewelry.

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  1. Autumn Fashion Abayas 2021 from Instagram


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