“Avatar” tops the Chinese box office with $ 14 million


Release movie “AvatarJames Cameron once again returned to the Chinese box office this weekend, with revenues of $ 14 million over three days, as the movie released in 2009 retained its first title since it was re-shown on March 12 in China, Avatar The total revenue of $ 44 million so far, ten days after it was re-released, knowing that the film grossed $ 203 million when it was released in China in 2010.

Thanks to recent sales in China, the science fiction epic has now regained its crown from the movieAvengers: EndgameAs the highest-grossing movie in history, Avatar retained this title for a decade with $ 2.7897 billion in global sales, but in April 2019, it was overtaken by a movie.Avengers“With a total of 2.7902 billion dollars, the”AvatarTo return to the top spot again after being shown in China.

Director James Amiron is currently working very actively on the new sequel to the series AvatarWhere Disney decided to launch the second part of Avatar On December 16, 2022, the third part of Avatar On December 20, 2024, Part IV will be scheduled for December 18, 2026 and Part Five will be scheduled for December 2028.


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