Avoid 4 unhealthy habits … negative thoughts and lack of sleep


Living a long and healthy life goes back to the habits of a person, as there are habits that harm health and others that are beneficial to it, and experts and health care professionals warn of four healthy habits that negatively affect health, according to the website.express“.


Here are 4 habits that must be stopped in order to enjoy a healthy life:

1- Lack of movement

People should stop thinking about me Playing sports Just as a way to lose weight, instead they view it as one of the most effective health tools for a happy and healthy life, as a sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement can lead to some health risks such as slowed metabolism, muscle weakness, obesity and high cholesterol levels.

2- The negative outlook

Many people do not realize how their thoughts can affect their lives, as negative thinking exposes many to stress and the risk of death compared to positive people, as the United Kingdom Health Services Authority conducted a study indicating that people with a more negative emotional pattern have a weak immune system and may be more susceptible. Illnesses from those who have a positive emotional outlook, as a pessimistic view of the world can make you feel unenthusiastic, tired and lead to premature aging.

A healthy lifestyle

3- Lack of sleep

Prepare Sleep It is vital to the general health of an individual because not only does it help a person feel refreshed, but allow cells in the muscles, organs and brain to repair and regenerate every night, sleep also helps to regulate the metabolism and how the body produces hormones, it is the key to a happy and healthy life, so it is important. Sleeping at night for 7-8 hours.


4- Eating more red meat

It is important to carefully monitor what you eat and know its effect on health, and it is known that fast food and sugary drinks harm health, so it is necessary to avoid them, but also Red meat Even lean meat can negatively affect our health, according to a study, eating a diet rich in red meat is associated with many health risks, such as developing cardiovascular disease and death from cancer.


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