Ayoub talks about .. the participation of the Nene .. the rest of Salah .. and the World Cup


Ahmed Ayoub, the general coach of the Egyptian national team, confirmed that Mohamed El Nani, the Arsenal player, did not participate in the Kenya match due to the viewpoint of the technical staff of the Egyptian national team, and for no other reason.

The Egyptian national team decided its qualification for the next African nations, after leading the group ranking and concluded the fifth round with a 1-1 draw with Kenya outside the ground, and defeating Comoros at Cairo Stadium 4-0 in the last round.

Ahmed Ayoub said in statements to “On Time Sports 2”, “The crisis of the leadership of the Egyptian national team was fabricated by the media and there is no problem. What I know is that Al-Sulayyah is the leader and after him Hejazi, and I do not know if Al-Nani precedes Salah or vice versa, in the end there is no problem and everyone.” Watch Nani’s behavior. ”

And Mohamed El-Nani awarded the badge to Mohamed Salah on the pitch, after Amr Al-Soleya, captain of the national team, was replaced during the Comoros match.

And he continued, “Al-Badri identified Mohamed Salah the first to take penalty kicks, and after him he scattered him.”

He added, “Mohamed Al-Nani did not participate in front of Kenya for a technical point of view only. We set the formation according to the conditions of the match and the nature of the opponent. Each match has its own account. We found that Tariq Hamid and Hamdi Fathi are the most suitable for the Kenya match.”

Al-Nani was absent from the starting line-up and did not participate as a substitute in the Egypt-Kenya match.

And he continued, “Abu Jabal was with us before, and for a month and a half he has not participated in matches with Zamalek and plays a basic Jensh, and the view was that we want to include those who participate and play, Abdel Monsef is a good goalkeeper and performs well, but in the end there is a specific number that we must join, and there are more From a distinguished goalkeeper. ”

The technical staff of the Egyptian national team included Mahmoud Abdel Rahim “Jensh” for the national team camp instead of Abu Jabal, and Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the goalkeeper of the Tigris Valley, was not included.

He continued, “When analyzing the Kenya team, we found that it was better to push Mustafa Mohamed to take advantage of his strength during the match, while when preparing for the Comoros match, we found that it is better to pressure them in a certain way because of their preparation method and there is a rapid shift from defense to attack, so we preferred Mohamed Sharif,” If Egypt’s goals are analyzed, everyone will find that we have set the best scenario. ”

He stated about why Salah was not rested for the Liverpool matches against Arsenal and Real Madrid, “The matches in Kenya and Comoros witnessed the first appearance of Mohamed Salah with us. It was important to us that he was with us as long as possible. His presence on the stadium is very important, of course, and he is a great player, and it was important to see players.” Two others are also on the field, but we have not thought about comforting him for the games of Arsenal and Real Madrid. ”

And about not joining Muhammad Ibrahim, “It is difficult to say that we did not think about joining Muhammad Ibrahim, he performs well with Ceramica and also presented a good level with Egypt for the clearing, which is one of the names that is always followed up, but in the end we choose 26 players, and this does not mean that he does not have him.” Opportunity in the future. ”

Regarding Ramadan Subhi’s injury, Ayoub said, “We cannot skip the doctor. Ramadan Sobhi took an x-ray and went to the national team doctor on the morning of the technical staff meeting to select the names of the list. We learned that Ramadan Sobhi has two weeks to participate in training and matches, medically it was difficult to catch up with the two matches, and this report Elected Doctor. ”

“Everyone has a goal and a dream to qualify for the World Cup for the second time in a row. Our group is not easy in the qualifiers, the important thing is how we prepare for those matches. There are difficult circumstances. We hope that there will be support from everyone. We know the difficulty of having many gatherings and friendly matches, difficult circumstances,” he concluded. We must deal with it. ”

Egypt is in a group that includes Gabon, Angola and Libya in the World Cup qualifiers, and according to the regulations, it must lead the group’s ranking to qualify for the final stage of the qualifiers and play a round-trip match, and the winner qualifies for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


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