Back pain is one of the complications resulting from lack of vitamin “D” in the body


Vitamin D One of the vitamins that we get from sunlight and many other sources, and when its levels decline inside your body, it may result in many complications, especially bone pain and bone deformities.

A study published in the American National Library of Medicine said that one of the most prominent complications resulting from a lack of vitamin D levels in the body is the feeling of back pain, due to the existence of a relationship between the deficiency and chronic lower back pain, so it is necessary to take appropriate nutritional supplements to eliminate back pain, especially in elderly people. .

Complications from low vitamin D levels
Complications from low vitamin D levels

The researchers found that people with vitamin D deficiency were more likely to suffer from back pain, including severe back pain that limits their daily activities, in addition to developing bone pain in the feet, ribs and joints by twice, compared to those with normal levels of the vitamin. Dr..

The study looks for the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and deficiency and pain in the musculoskeletal system, especially in the neck area or muscle spasms, which may also result in severe pain, since vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and muscles.

The researchers emphasized that vitamin D plays an important role in preventing bone fractures, because it ensures that the bones are strong enough to withstand falls, and it also helps people with rheumatoid arthritis.

The body has not been able to absorb vitamin D due to several factors:

1- Not to go out from the house and not to be exposed to fresh air.

2.Wear clothes that cover your skin completely when you are outdoors

3. If you have dark skin, you also may not get enough vitamin D from sunlight.

The study recommended that you should take a vitamin D supplement of 10 micrograms of vitamin D to protect your body from many complications.


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