“Bad treatment and moral terror” .. The star player sends a message to Minister A.


02:35 AM

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

Al-Nujoom player Ayman Ghobashi said that he has been playing for the club since 12 and came out of the club to play in Gibraltar; He scored 14 goals in 24 games before the stars brought him back.

Ghobashi added, during an intervention in the match program: “I was forced to return and put on the waiting list for the 2018/2019 season, and the injured players in the club are not being treated. I swear to God that my colleagues and I ate from Zamalek, so there is no respect for us because the place of residence is not good and the nutrition was bad and I do not exaggerate in my talk.” .

And the star player continued: “We did not get our financial dues. I still have 3 months that I did not get. So I went up to Muhammad Al Tawila, the club’s president, and told him that I would leave the club for a month and get the rest, and I have responsibilities. He said to me (Mtqulish committed to my saying, help me, so I told him to help me, but there is no life for whomever you call).”

Ghobashi concluded: “I appeal to the Minister of Sports to be subjected to moral and psychological terrorism while I am going to my workplace and I am told that I will stop playing football.”


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