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And we are still discussing the issue that has occupied the public opinion for many years. Was Dr. Ashraf Marawan, secretary of the late President Anwar Sadat, former president of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the largest businessman in England, killed, or committed suicide? And we go back again to the testimony of his son Gamal Marwan, who said when I asked him if he knew what Dr. Ashraf Marawan would have done on June 27th? He told me, “Oh, that day the New York traveler had a job there, especially I would meet him in July on the regular family vacation … and my mother would meet him and go out with some vacation because their wedding anniversary was 7/7/2007.” He confirmed his exclusion of the idea of ​​his father’s suicide, so he said, “On the day of his death, that is, on the 27th, his father’s driver took the bags and unloaded the car. Appropriately, it was the most important reason that prompted my father to consider moving from him to another building in front of the American embassy, ​​but fate did not allow him to. There are 4 million cameras that capture people walking on the streets of London.

Thousands of photos, the cameras did not take pictures of Dr. Ashraf from the balcony, was she really disabled by an action? “I spoke with the police about this issue, and they said that this story is very important, and we will take it into consideration,” Mr. Jamal told me. As for Dr. Ashraf Marawan’s apartment in London and where the maid was at the time of the accident, Mr. Jamal said, “The apartment in London consisted of two apartments in some, and the maid was on the north side, and my father was on the right side, and the apartment in which she had a private entrance .. She was in the room with a iron No one can hear any need, sincere and friendly. It was a big problem because when someone was calling someone inside the apartment, no one could hear it, and what I knew was that the worker half an hour before the accident, I took the bags down and all of them were complete. From the balcony ».. And Mr. Jamal said to me,“ It is 100% that someone threw him from the balcony because the distance between the balcony and somewhere they found the body 10-11 meters and my father had a knee disease and he was walking with his stick and they found the stick on the balcony and he had a disease in his leg He cannot walk without a stick, nor can he enter the bathtub .. So how do he go to the balcony and look at a height of 1.5 meters and fly 10 meters forward, and he can go 40 cm !!! ”But suddenly he stopped and told me that I will announce to you a loud surprise.

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