Basil Al-Zaro: I hate my role in “The King” | news


Actor Basil Al-Zaro spoke about the details of his character in the series “The King”, scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

Al-Zaro said: “The character (Slats) is the model of the locatio, so he is differently evil, and he does not calm down except after killing someone, for example, I hate myself in the series, but I am happy with this role, and my relationship with Amr Youssef during the events is like pitch, I am a Hyksos and he is the Pharaohs. During his interview with “et in Arabic” program.

Amr Youssef appears with a beard on the official poster of the series “The King”. Amr Youssef appears with a beard on the official poster of the series “The King”

Basil Al-Zaro commented on the criticism directed at him by some observers regarding changing his appearance in the series, saying: “The first time in my life I am subjected to bullying, and the constant change of the actor, I was at first afraid to shave my hair and my hair, but the director convinced me, and I am not regretful.”

Al-Zaro also denied the persistent rumors about the series coming out of the Ramadan season, saying: “We continue to film and have not been stopped or informed of that.”

Regarding the criticisms that affected the poster of the series, he commented: “The response will be on Ramadan 1, precisely in the first two episodes, and all the attackers will live in the series with his story and character and forget all that was said.”

Amr Youssef presents in the series the character of Ahmose chasing the Hyksos, with the participation of a large group of stars, and the series about the novel “Good Struggle” by the international writer Naguib Mahfouz, the scenario and dialogue of Muhammad, Khaled and Sherine Diab, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawy.


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