Best Actor: King Anthony Hopkins


Three young men (Riz Ahmed, Chadwick Bosman and Stephen Yoon) compete with the two veterans (Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman). Despite the strength of the youth’s performance, especially Riz Ahmed (The Voice of Iron) and Chadwick Bosman (Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom); However, they cannot be compared to the performance of Hopkins and Oldman. The competition between the two is great, but Hopkins is on the tide in “The Father.” The “father” of the French writer and director Florian Zeller is neither fun nor easy. But even in the most horrific moments, there is always beauty. The maze of memory disintegrated, the hell of forgetfulness, the loss of control over the truth of the mind due to a disease that progressed relentlessly; He turns the life of any person, who no longer understands what is there and what is happening before his eyes, and does not recognize the one he loves … into hell, and perhaps hell is a small word. These feelings are performed with greatness by Anthony Hopkins. In “the father” it carves time into the wall of old age. He has all the ingredients to move and express the inner complexity of his character, in an unprecedented performance of the discontinuous and volatile connection to life of a dementia blind man with his life. The camera does not move away from Hopkins’ head, it puts us close to him, and in turn he makes us suffer from the same doubts, certainty, surprises, and moods that result from the Kafkan mind in which Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) lives in the film. The latter leaves us devastated, exhausted by emotions and ideas, yet always intrigued by what Hopkins has to offer.

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