Bill Gates plans to spread millions of tons of chalk into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight


Bill Gates proposes a strange idea to deal with the problem of global warming by darkening the sun, as Gates wants to spray millions of tons of chalk into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight, but critics fear that this may be disastrous, and reveals that the first test of the project of spraying millions of tons of chalk in An attempt to darken the sun and cool the Earth, it could happen in June.

Bill Gates idea
Bill Gates idea via pattern

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Harvard University experts will test the system by sending a large balloon 12 miles over the Swedish city of Kiruna and dropping 2 kilograms of chalk dust into the stratosphere.

Perhaps the goal of the $ 3 million mission, backed by billionaire Bill Gates, is to get chalk to deflect part of the sun’s radiation, prevent it from hitting the surface, and cool the planet.

The idea was severely criticized since its inception, with the project director Frank Koch at Harvard University describing the need for this scale of geoengineering as “terrifying,” adding that “the strategy will only be deployed in a desperate attempt to prevent parts of the planet from becoming uninhabitable. “.

Experts have warned that this unusual technology could be disastrous to weather systems in ways that no one can predict.

With support from a group of private donors including Gates, the test mission is being launched from Sweden, where it could offer a launch soon.

The test balloon would lift 600 kg of scientific equipment 12 miles above the surface of the Arctic city, and if all went well, about 2 kg of dust would be released.

Visualize the idea
Visualize the idea

This will then create a column of dust several kilometers long, not large enough to have any effect on the intensity of sunlight striking the Earth, but during this first test, the team will gather information about how the dust particles interact with the air, which can then be done. This would be entered into computer models to determine what would happen if it were implemented on a large scale.

And it would take tons of dust and plumes several hundreds of kilometers to make a difference, the theory being that the dust would create a huge canopy for the sun.

This will reflect some of the sun’s rays and heat back into space, darkening, thus protecting the Earth from the consequences of a warming climate.


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