Bouregreg River in Rabat .. Strong smell and stains foreshadow an environmental disaster


The awe of the scene sends you a desire to regain your breath and enjoy this moment, as a strong smell overwhelms you, and it suffocates the noses, and there is no place for it in this picturesque scene.

This situation, which made the major headlines in the Moroccan newspapers during the past few days, was accompanied by a great momentum in the media and social pages..

The neighborhoods adjacent to the Bouregreg Valley are suffering from the repercussions of a problem that comes from one of the zebal sap pools (leachate) With the Muttrah, whose flanks collapsed and seeped into the “Akrash” valley, which in turn flows into the Bouregreg Valley, clean water mixed with wastewater from the direction of the valley, according to explanations published by Abd al-Latif Soudou, deputy head of the group. Sale.

The foul odors make the residents of the neighborhoods near the valley sleep, forcing them to close the windows tightly to avoid the worst, but this matter does not suffice in the face of the strength of the smell and does not stop the mosquitoes that penetrate some of the houses and talk to their inhabitants from crawling..

The bad smell intensifies at night, especially after all economic activities and cars have stopped at nine oclock in the evening.

Activists warned of the aggravation of the situation in the river, in light of the reluctance of the authorities to find a radical solution to the problem.

Abdul Majeed al-Sahrawi, environmental education coordinator at Alternatives for Childhood and Youth, noted that the presence of the black color in the water has become noticeable, which means that the percentage of pollution High.

Al-Sahrawi demanded sustainable solutions to stop this environmental catastrophe, and to move away from the prosthetic solutions that officials resort to whenever it is raised, this problem returns to the fore..

Fatima al-Sakak, an activist in one of the advocacy associations, said: The environmentThe pollution of the Bouregreg River will harm the surrounding area, demanding, in turn, an end to this situation, which has become alarming..

For their part, advisers to the Federal Democratic Left rang a city council Ligament The alarm is caused by pollution that they detected at the level of the Bouregreg Valley, which separates the cities of Rabat and Sale.

In a press release seen by “Sky News Arabia,” the consultants stated that a large wave of pollution flowed into the valley and resulted in the emission of an unpleasant odor and a change in the color of the waters of the valley..

Advisors to the Democratic Left Federation in the Administrative Capital Council of the Kingdom suggested that this was due to the “Lexivia” sap of the “Umm Azza” proposition, which is about 30 kilometers east of the capital..

Huge size

The organic pollution caused by the trash sap is equivalent to dozens of times the pollution of household waste. They included nitrates, mercury, lead and other mineral materials, which led to deaths Fish And disrupt ecosystems.

Omar Hayani, a member of the Rabat Council of the Left Federation, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “The problem of zabal squeezer in Umm Azza is not new, rather it is frequent and lasts for years. There is a failure to find a solution to this issue“.

He stated that the federation had alerted officials, since 2019, to the seriousness of the garbage problem in Umm Azza, demanding that this problem be addressed by investing in modern methods of treatment, without resorting to easy solutions and throwing these wastes into sea water, and causing an environmental disaster.“.

El Hayani held the responsibility for the Capital Groups Cooperation Foundation, which is supervised by officials, most of them from the party Justice and development.

Omar El-Hayani also expressed his displeasure at the way this file was managed, and wrote in a previous blog post: “Today I read a post by one of the Justice and Development officials in the capital’s assembly, in which he is disavowing responsibility. Mess it up, and nobody else.

El Hayani regrets spending “billions of dirhams in projects –savior- (Flashiness) in Rabat, and to forget the most important thing: austerity in preserving our environment and the safety of the surface and ground water that we drink.

For her part, Ibtisam Azzawi, a parliamentarian from the Authenticity and Modernity Party, addressed a written question to Minister of Energy, Mines and Environment Aziz Al-Rabah, in which she said that the source of the pollution may be a waste dump or Azza, from which the sap of the garbage stored in it leaked years ago..

Azzawi said in her question addressed to Minister Al-Rabah: “It was noticed that a large wave of pollution flowed into the Bouregreg Valley, which separates the cities of Rabat and Sale, which resulted in the emission of a very unpleasant odor and a change in the color of the valley’s water.”

Azzawi added that the source of the pollution is likely to be the dump of Umm Azza, from which the garbage juice that had been stored for years leaked, wondering about the urgent measures taken to address this environmental problem.

Treatment plants

Activists told Sky News Arabia that addressing this environmental problem lies in creating treatment plants, such as those that were built with an eye to purify water and reuse it, “because this problem is also known to a debtor and other major outfalls, regardless of their negative effects on The river causes damage to the water bed and the wells from which the population supplies. “.

She crossed from her side Regraq Environmental NetworkWhich previously called for “urgent solutions” to the problem of untreated wastewater, expressed satisfaction with the response to its call by representatives in Parliament and local and central officials, especially the State Secretariat in charge of water, the Rabat district, Sale Quneitra, the regional directorate of the General Delegate for Prison Administration and Reintegration and the Agency The water basin of Bouregreg and Chaouia, in order to work to find effective solutions to this environmental problem.

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