Boxing with deformed faces from the ring (photos)



Boxing with deformed faces from the ring (photos)


German boxer Shane Hanson suffered a severe injury in the face during her fight against Ukrainian rival Alina Zaitseva, in the match that brought them together in the German Boxing Championship.

Hanson posted a video clip through the Story feature on her account in the “Instagram” application and several pictures of her before and after the fight, her face had turned into a large hematoma.

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The fight was stopped due to a German boxing injury, and ended with a technical decision, as it was ahead of points by the time the confrontation stopped.

Cheney Hanson (23 years) achieved her eighth victory in 9 fights during her professional career so far, including 6 by knockout.

While Alina Zaitseva, 21, suffered a sixth defeat, so far in her professional career, for only one victory.

Source: Agencies


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