British study: Recovering from the common cold gives you temporary protection from the Corona virus


A study issued by the University of Glasgow in Britain found that people who had a cold and were able to recover may enjoy some protection against the Corona virus, as it was found that the common cold leads to the release of antibodies that also target Covid disease in the nose and lungs.

A study confirms that people with colds have protection from Corona

The study showed, according to the Daily Mail, that a person who recently had a runny nose may be less likely to contract Covid disease, and this protection may last for a short time due to the speed of immunity against the family of viruses that cause colds, as it was found that the human rhinovirus causes an innate immune response in Human respiratory epithelial cells that prevent corona virus replication.

The researchers emphasized that the immune response caused by moderate and common cold virus infection can provide a certain level of transient protection against Corona or reduce complications resulting from it, as the study relied on examining the molecular level during virus reactions that lead to increased disease transmission.

The researchers explained that the antibodies produced by the body to defend against infection, vanish against the human rhinovirus after only a few months, as it is believed that the antibodies of Covid lasts at least six months.

The researchers emphasized that the antibodies created by the immune system during a cold infection may also provide some protection against the virus, as it was found that some people have antibodies to the Corona virus even though they have never been infected with the virus..

The researchers studied the antibodies circulating in blood samples taken before the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, which dates back to 2011, and it was found that among more than 300 people who had not been infected with the virus, about 5% had these antibodies that protect them from infection with the virus.


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