“By God, my heart will be cut off.” Art stars express Jumana Murad’s death


03:28 PM

Tuesday 30th March 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

A number of art stars were keen to offer condolences to the artist, Jumana Murad, on the death of her daughter, Diana, who left our world Monday evening.

Jumana Murad announced the news, through her account on the “Instagram” website, saying: “Praise be to God in any case .. God has not given and God has taken what he took, and we belong to God and to God we shall return .. I moved to the mercy of God today our daughter (Diana Rabie Bseiso), God willing. God you will be our intercessor in the Hereafter and for Paradise, O soul of the heart of your mother and father. Parting with you is difficult and painful. Mom”.

In this report, we review the stars who offered condolences to Jumana Murad:

Bassem Yakhour

The artist, Bassem Yakhour, wrote, on the “Instagram” site,: “By God, there is no strength and no strength but with God. May God be patient with you, Joumana, may God have mercy on her, and God is my heart.”

Nadia El-Gendy

The artist, Nadia Al-Jundi, commented, writing: “My beloved, Lord, may God have mercy on her, and patience for you to leave her. Stay for God.”

Hind Sabri

The Tunisian artist Hend Sabry wrote, “Oh Lord, may God have mercy on her and patience in your hearts and compensate you. You have become an angel in paradise, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

Ayten Amer

As artist Aiten Amer wrote, “Stay for God alone. May your heart be patient, you and her father, and bless her sisters and protect them.”

Abeer Sabri

As the artist Abeer Sabri commented, “Stay for God, my beloved. Joumana, our Lord, will be patient with you and her father, and God willing, your intercession on the Day of Resurrection.”

Qusai Kholi

The Syrian artist, Qusay Khouli, wrote, on the Instagram site,: “God have mercy on her, we belong to God and to Him we return.

Leila Alawi

Actress Laila Elwi commented: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. Our Lord is patient and binds your hearts.”

Amir Shaheen

The artist Amir Shaheen wrote, “Survival is for God, my love, may God be patient.”

Nashwa Mustafa

“Nashwa” published a picture of Diana, through her official account on the “Instagram” site, commenting: “May God be patient with your heart. You and her father, a pure angel, is my intercessor for you, God willing, may God grant his serenity to your good heart.

Rami Ayash

The Lebanese singer Rami Ayyash wrote, through his official account on the “Twitter” site,: “A painful and sad news we received, a thousand mercy for her pure soul. We ask God for patience to the heart of the dear Joumana and her family.”


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