Carteron explains to the Zamalek players the flaws of MCA in a video


French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the Zamalek team, prepared detailed videos about the players of MCA, to explain them to the players of the white team, in video lectures, and to reveal all the negatives of the Algerian team.

AndZamalek is preparing for the match of MCA, Scheduled for next Saturday, within the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, which is the meeting that will decide whether or not the team qualifies for the next round, as there is no alternative to winning to continue the competition for the second qualifying ticket next to Tunisias Esperance, which has qualified, as Zamalek needs to win against Mouloudia And Senegalese Tongeth in the last two rounds, with the Algerian champion losing the last-round match against Esperance.

In another context, a number of players were keen Zamalek To communicate with some Esperance players with whom they have strong friendship, to talk with them about the truth about the news spread on social media about the possibility of the Tunisian champion not being interested in the last round match against Mouloudia in light of Qualification guarantee This threatens Zamalek’s rise to the next round, as the white needs to win the matches of the fifth and sixth rounds, with Mouloudia losing to Esperance in the last round.

The Esperance players assured their counterparts in Zamalek that the Mouloudia match will be dealt with with great interest regardless of qualifying for the next round, and officially resolving the climb, stressing that the board of directors of the Tunisian club spoke with the players on the need to win the next two matches against Tungith and Mouloudia, despite the guarantee of qualification, Because Esperance is a big club and always plays to win, and it cannot be subject to suspicion, whatever the circumstances.

The Esperance players confirmed that they would fight to win against Tuncheth and Mouloudia, and had Zamalek faced the Tunisian champion in the last round, he would have played with the same spirit and heroic performance expected to appear in the last two rounds despite the official rise.


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