Carteron: Pachecos departure means that there is something wrong with Zamalek


French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, confirmed that every coach has a special way of working that differs from the other coaches, saying: “I am not here to evaluate the former coach, but I have my own way..Each coach has his own way .. and meaning. The departure of the former coach is that something is wrong. “

In his statements to the official Zamalek website, Carteron added that he seeks to address negatives in the team in order to provide good football that will please the fans and achieve better results in the coming period.

The technical director of Zamalek continued that the psychological state of the international players had improved by joining the team, explaining that international players would be subjected to special physical measurements, and the French Carteron also praised the level of the players who joined the Egyptian national team, explaining that Mahmoud Al-Winch appeared at a great level in the two matches, and Abdullah Jumaa participated In the second meeting in front of the Comoros Islands.

Carteron explained that the participation of Mahmoud Jensh Haris Zamalek In the face of the Comoros Islands, it was a positive thing, praising the decision of the Egyptian team’s technical staff to rest Tariq Hamed in the second match.
Vivid Carteron However, Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the team’s player, did not participate with the national team due to his complaints of back pain, and he also praised Seif El Din Jaziri’s performance and brilliance with the Tunisian national team in the qualifiers for the African nations.


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