Carteron talks about his powers in Zamalek, the secret of goal sterility, and the timing of the emergence of youngsters


The French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of the first football team at Zamalek Club, confirmed that the current administration contracted with him and granted him all the powers and trusted his way of working, confirming that he had the full support of the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club in the current period, headed by Major General Counselor Imad Abdel Aziz.

Zamalek technical director added that he is able to work under pressure Especially in this difficult phase, and in light of the team’s tense position in the African League Championship, and its constant quest to preserve the remaining hope of qualifying from the group stage.

And Carteron sent a message to the fans during his statements to the official website, saying: “I know that they were not happy with the level and spirit, but I strive to make the fans love the team and the players more.”

The Frenchman commented on the team’s lack of goals in the African championship, saying: “When I took charge, I found Osama Faysal not at the same level as it was, and Marwan Hamdi and Hamid Haddad were not physically ready in the past period to appear in the best way.”

Carteron also confirmed that he is dealing with the current situation of the team after he was surprised by the departure of a number of players on loan during the last winter transfer period.

Carteron explained that he was defending Mustafa Mohamed before, when he was away from the national team, and the player is currently shining with Galatasaray, indicating that he was defending Omar Saeed while he was in the team, but he will deal with the current situation in the team.

Patrice said that He does not fight the young playersIndeed, he is considered one of the few who relied on them with the first team, explaining: “During my stay with Moroccan Raja, I escalated 10 players with the adults, and I promoted 8 young players in the first team of Zamalek, and there are 3 emerging players who play mainly .. As Ahmed participates. Eid with the first team after escalating from the 2001 team.

Carteron indicated that there is a specific time to pay the junior players in the matches, which he is keen on well so that the timing is appropriate for the brilliance of the player who will participate from the youth.


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