Carteron: The level is better in Saudi Arabia … and the Egyptian league is strong


Patrice Carteron considered that the level of players is better in the Saudi League than in the Egyptian League due to the large number of professional players from all over the world.

In statements to the official website of Zamalek, Carteron said: “The level of players is better in Saudi Arabia because each team has the opportunity to sign 7 foreign professional players.”

And Carteron fought in the Saudi league with the cooperation team after his departure from Zamalek before the end of last season, before returning to lead the White Knight, succeeding Jaime Pacheco.

The French coach added, “But the Egyptian league is the strongest in Africa, and the level of competing clubs has improved a lot during the last period, and everyone is doing good levels.”

Carteron concluded: “Zamalek must win the next match in the league, and not to waste any new points because the journey is still long, especially with the many postponed matches for Al-Ahly.”

Zamalek temporarily tops the Egyptian league table with 33 points, 6 points behind Al-Ahly club, with the red title holder playing 3 games less than the leader, giving him the lead by 3 points.


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