Carteron’s “letters” reveal what was going on in his head before confronting the fateful Mouloudia


French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, conducted a dialogue with the club’s official website before the important team’s confrontation against Mouloudia Algeria scheduled for next April 3 in the fifth round matches of the group stage in the African Champions League, during which he revealed many important points, and sent some messages Which came most notably:

Pachecos departure in this way confirms that something is wrong

He seeks to address negatives in the team in order to provide good football that delights the fans and achieve better results in the coming period

The psychological state of the international players improved by joining the national team

The participation of Mahmoud Jensh Haris Zamalek Facing the Comoros was a positive thing

He praised the decision of the technical staff of the Egyptian national team to rest Tariq Hamed in the second match

Back pain behind Zizou’s failure to participate with the national team

He praised Jaziri’s brilliance with the Tunisian national team

The psychological state of the Zamalek players was not good at the time of his return to the second term

He took on the job in difficult circumstances and the results were not good, especially in Africa

He seeks to treat negatives in the team during the coming period

Some players have physical and psychological problems

His goal is to make Zamalek players love and enjoy playing football

He is keen to motivate the players before any meeting to return to victories

He is keen to take physical measurements of the players and work with each player individually, both physically and psychologically

He praised the role of the medical device with him in developing the physical condition of the players

The player shall not be technically evaluated except after his physical readiness, and any player who is not physically ready will not be paid 100%%.

On the other hand, equip the french Patrice Carteron, The technical director of the Zamalek team, detailed videos, about the players of Mouloudia of Algeria, to explain to the players of the white team, in video lectures, and to reveal all the negatives of the Algerian team.

Zamalek is preparing for a match MC Algeria, Scheduled for next Saturday, within the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, which is the meeting that will decide whether or not the team qualifies for the next round, as there is no substitute for winning to continue the competition for the second qualifying ticket next to Tunisias Esperance, which has guaranteed qualification, as Zamalek needs to win against Mouloudia And Senegalese Tongeth in the last two rounds, with the Algerian champion losing the final round match against Esperance.

In another context, a number of Zamalek players were keen to communicate with some of the Esperance players with whom they have strong friendship, to talk with them about the truth about the news spread on social media about the possibility of the Tunisian champion not interested in the last round match against Mouloudia in light of the guarantee of qualification, which threatens Zamalek’s rise to the next round, where the white needs to win the matches of the fifth and sixth rounds, with Mouloudia losing to Esperance in the last round.


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