Changes in the Corona virus in many countries … Video


Dr. confirmed Hala ZayedThe Minister of Health, that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will soon be registered, pointing out that all clinical research is reviewed, for all companies, and it will be registered 100% free of charge, which gives us multiple sources of private vaccines.
و .شارت Minister of HealthDuring her speech at the press conference held a short while ago, we are witnessing mutations in the Corona virus in many countries, and this is tangible, especially in France, adding that we are working to review the needs of the medical sector in preparation for facing the third wave of the Corona virus.

She added that a month has passed since citizens received a vaccine against the Corona virus, stressing that the Chinese vaccine was not approved in Egypt until after reviewing the results of the first and second clinical research for this vaccine and I participated myself in clinical trials and no unexpected complications from the Chinese vaccine occur. On the contrary, it is witnessing a turnout. Too big by the citizens.

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