Cinderellas sister responds to a rumor that Soad Hosni’s hair was shaved with a razor before her death


Many rumors and information that spread about the death of the beautiful Cinderella, Souad Hosni, which is still a mystery that baffles millions of her fans, despite the passage of 20 years since her departure, between suicide and murder, the mystery of the death of Cinderella remains unresolved and each team raises many information that supports the direction Look at the different validity and accuracy.

Among the information that was circulated about the circumstances of the death of Cinderella was what came during a widely circulated video from the funeral of Souad Hosni and before her body arrived for burial in Egypt.

The great artist Samir Sabry is shown in this video while he is interviewing the actresses Samira Ahmed, Nadia Lotfi, and Raja Al-Jeddawi while waiting for the body to arrive.

During the dialogue, the three artists confirmed that they did not believe that Soad Hosni committed suicide, and confirmed that she was killed, and they mentioned several information confirming their point of view.

Actress Nadia Lotfy stated that the police in London received a report before the fall of Suad Hosni from neighbors living in the same building from which she fell, confirming the existence of quarrels and loud voices in her apartment.

The three artists blew a surprise that Dr. Muhammad al-Wahsh, an expert in liver transplantation, who lives in the same building from which Souad Hosni fell, could not recognize her after her fall except with difficulty and he initially thought that she was a man, indicating that her hair was shaved with a mouse, which is what the three artists pointed out.

To find out the truth of this information, we contacted Jihan Abdel Moneim, Cinderellas sister from the mother, who indicated that what the artists said was before the arrival of the body of Cinderella, Souad Hosni, denying the validity of this information.

The sister of Cinderella said: “Souad’s hair was very long at the time of her death and in the washing we braided it and it was up to half of her back, and her weight was about 70 kilograms.”

She explained, “Nadia Lotfy, Samira Ahmed, and Raja Al-Jeddawi heard this before the arrival of Souad’s body, and when the body arrived, my sister Janjah and I washed Souad, and no one else saw her, and it appeared that there was a fracture of the skull from the back and that she fell on her side.”


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