Clearing Egypt awaits the arrival of a great Germany to sign the team’s training contracts


An official source in the Misr Clearing Club revealed that his club management is expecting the arrival of Mohamed Abdel-Azim Azima, the former Al-Ahly star from Germany, on the next Saturday or Sunday to sign his training contracts for the Fayoumi team, succeeding Ihab Jalal, who took over the training of Ismaili recently, and the coach is scheduled to hold a session with the football committee of the team Al-Fayoumi upon reaching the agreement on the outlines of the contract and announcing his official inauguration as Technical Director of the Clearing Egypt.

An official source at the Clearinghouse revealed that the club’s management has settled on Mohammed Abdel Azim “great” The former general coach of Al-Ahly in the Dutch body, Martin Jol, to assume the technical leadership of the clearing, succeeding Ihab Jalal, and the source confirmed that Azima agreed to train the clearing, but he is expected to announce the contract with him next week after his return from Germany, and after conducting the medical examination for the detection About Corona before leaving Germany and returning to Cairo.

He pointed out that the technical staff will consist of a great technical director, Tariq Hajjaj, Islam Adel, trainers, and a Tunisian burden planner that Azima will take with him to help him train the Fayoumi team.

The clearing officials had opened a line of negotiations with David Seiza, the former coach of Al-Ahly in the Swiss agency, Rene Fyler, but the coach’s demands prompted the clearing department to retreat from the idea of ​​contracting with a foreign coach and settle on assigning Great to train the Fayoumi team.

A source emphasized that the clearance department’s preference for contracting with a great one because of their desire to repeat the experience of Ihab Jalal, whose imprint and successes in Egyptian football were from the gate of the Fayoumi team, as they want to discover coaches with technical competence away from those in the Egyptian coaches market.


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