Cold and rain … Know the weather and temperatures today, Tuesday, March 30, 2021


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Body confirmed Meteorological, That weather Today, Tuesday, March 30, 2021, it will be nice for Greater Cairo and some areas of the republic, but warned of a cold weather In periods of the night, when temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius in some regions of the Republic.

She also warned Meteorological From water fog and rain, especially in the north of the country, confirming the existence of a state of fluctuations in the case weather During the current period.

And a body declared Meteorological status weather And the weather forecast for Tuesday, March 30, 2021 as follows:

is being weather Gentle on Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, moderate winds are active at times, and cooler on the northern coasts, and winds are moderate and active on the western coasts.

The weather will be gentle in the north of Upper Egypt, the winds are brisk and moderate in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, and the winds are brisk.

Confirmed Meteorological that weather It will be cool all over the republic

Temperatures in some areas reach (4 and 5) degrees Celsius, while in Cairo it is 12 degrees Celsius, and the meteorologists called on citizens to wear winter clothes, especially in the night and early morning periods.

The chances of rain falling in light areas on the northwestern coast intermittently, with a rate of about 30%

A light water jet in the morning on some agricultural and highways close to water bodies and in some areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the canal cities.

Wind activity in some areas of the western coasts, South Sinai and the south of the country.

The condition of the Mediterranean Sea will be moderate to turbulent to the west, with the waves’ height ranging from 2 to 3 meters, and the winds will be northwesterly.

Continuous turbulence in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea, wind speeds ranging from (50: 65) km / hr, and they will be northwesterly, and wave height ranges from (2.5 to 4) meters.

«Egyptian today»A statement of the expected temperatures will be published today, Tuesday, March 30th, for the governorates and cities of Egypt:

Cairo: Maximum 20 and Minor 11 degrees.
Alexandria: the bone is 19 and the minor is 13 degrees.
Wadi Al-Natrun: the great number 19 and the minor 12 degrees.
Tanta: the maximum is 20 and the minimum is 11 degrees.
Shebin Al-Kom: The maximum is 20 and the minimum is 12 degrees.
Damanhur: The maximum is 19 and the minor is 12 degrees.
Baltim: the maximum 19 degrees and the small 13 degrees.
Matrouh: Maximum 18 and Minor 13 degrees.
Sallum: bone 19 and minimum 9 degrees.
Siwa: the bone is 21 and the minor is 8 degrees.
Port Said: Al-Azmi 18, Minor, 14 degrees.
Damietta: Maximum 18 and minimum 14 degrees.
Zagazig: The maximum is 20 and the minimum is 12 degrees.
Mansoura: Maximum 20 and Minor 11 degrees.
Ismailia: the great 20, the minimum 11 degrees
Suez: Maximum 21 Minor 11 degrees.
Arish: Great, 19, Minor, 13 degrees.
Rafah: the bone is 19 and the minimum is 13 degrees.
Ras Sidr: the bone 24 minor 10 degrees.
Sift: Maximum 20 and Minor 5 degrees.
Nuweiba: Maximum 24 and minimum 16 degrees.
Taba: Maximum 23 minor 14 degrees.
Catherine: The skeleton is 17 and the minor is 4 degrees.
Phase: Maximum 25 and minimum 17 degrees.
Sharm El-Sheikh: Maximum 25 and Minor 17 degrees.
Hurghada: Maximum 24 and Minor 14 degrees.
Marsa Alam: Maximum 23 and minimum 15 degrees.
Faiyum: The maximum maximum is 21 degrees and the minimum is 11 degrees.
Beni Suef: The maximum is 21 and the minor is 10 degrees.
Minya: the maximum is 22 and the minor is 9 degrees
Assiut: Maximum 22 and Minor 9 degrees.
Sohag: Maximum 23 and minimum 11 degrees.
Qena: the bone is 24 and the minimum is 12 degrees.
Shortest: Maximum 25 and Minor 12 degrees.
Aswan: Al-Adhi 27, Minor, 13 degrees.
Edfu: Maximum 27 and Minor 13 degrees
Aposumble: Maximum 26 and Minor 13 degrees.
The New Valley: Maximum 25 and Minor 12 degrees.
Shalateen: the bone is 26 and the minor is 16 degrees.
Aburmad: Maximum 26 and Minor 17 degrees.
Halayeb: The maximum is 25 and the minimum is 17 degrees
Hump ​​head: bone 24 and minimum 18 degrees.

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