Confessions of a suspect accused of kidnapping a child from Abu Al-Rish Hospital


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The security services in Cairo succeeded in arresting the accused of kidnapping a child from inside Abu Al-Rish Hospital hours after the release of a report on the incident and the social media circulated the picture of the kidnapped child, the investigations revealed that she left the child in another hospital on Dahab Island and was returned to his family and that the security forces managed to seize her in the Al-Marj area.

The investigations confirmed that she was married to a young man years her junior and that she was sterile and decided to kidnap the child to raise him in order to compensate for her husband and herself depriving motherhood, and he was taken to the police station of Mrs. Zeinab because the police report that the mother of the child and his absentee department belong to the department of Mrs. Zeinab.

The chief of investigations at the Sayida Zeinab Police Department received a report from a housewife named Mona Kamal, about the incident of her child being kidnapped by a woman disguised as a nurse inside Abu Al-Rish Hospital.

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