Continuous screening of Hala Al Turk and Mona Al-Saber


The Bahraini actress, Al-Mu’tazila, Zainab Al-Askari, surprised her followers by interfering in the pending issue between the young artist Hala Al-Turk and her mother, Mona Al-Saber.

Al-Askari appeared, in a video clip, in which she expressed her surprise at Mona Al-Saber’s behavior, saying: “The mother’s instinct is from the inside. I have less prison than if I discredit my daughter. ”

She added, “The cat protects its young and does not allow anyone to approach them.” And she continued her speech, addressing Mona Al-Saber: “Do you let everyone lash at it? She is a young girl. I do not know something that defeats and God conquers.

Zainab Al-Askari criticized what she called the pleading of Mona Al-Saber to the public’s sympathy at the expense of her daughter Hala, indicating that if she went through the same situation and her daughter did a solution, she would not expose her as her mother did, and she would not blame her for her instinct as a mother and the way she raised her daughter, adding: “Prison is easier for me than I distort my daughter “.

It is noteworthy that, in conjunction with the Mother’s Day celebrations, the Bahraini court issued a ruling to imprison Mona Al-Saber, the mother of the Bahraini actress, Hala Al-Turk, for a year with the expiration date for taking a sum of money of 200,000 Bahraini dinars from her daughter and giving her a month to collect the necessary amount and pay it to her daughter.

Mona Al-Saber collapsed in televised statements, indicating that she did not expect this to happen to her with the close of Mother’s Day after days. She said that the ruling against her was a stab in the chest from the people closest to her, and that she remained hoping that her daughter would drop the case against her, but she was disappointed in her expectation of her daughter, but indicated that her daughter still refused, denies her knowledge of the matter and testifies against her.

For her part, the Moroccan artist Maryam Hussein launched a fierce attack on Hala Al-Turk because of what she did to her mother and described her as not a good girl. The amount prevented it.


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