Corona is not the first one … Hani Muhannas statements spark controversy over Hanadi


Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Did the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh participate in filming one of the series, after being infected with the Corona virus ?!, a question that sparked controversy about the young artist after circulating statements by musician Hani Muhanna, “Hanadi’s father, Ahmed’s wife,” indicating that.

With the controversy raised by “Muhannas” statements, Ahmed Khaled Saleh confirmed in exclusive statements to the Masrawy website that he apologized for filming as soon as it was confirmed that he and his wife “Hanadi” were infected with the Corona virus, and that he had previously been on vacation.

Musician Hani Mhanni spoke, in a telephone conversation with the journalist Khairy Ramadan and Karima Awad in the “Cairo Talk” program, about the details of what was published about Ahmed Khaled Saleh’s injury to Corona and his completion of filming one of the works, saying, “I do not know the working conditions of Ahmed Khaled Saleh, but one of the journalists asked me.” On the case of Hanadi Muhanna and Ahmed Khaled Saleh, I told her that he could be photographing … it was possible, and she said he was photographing.

He explained that the reactions of the public and social media made him feel upset, indicating that what was published is not true, and their condition is stable, but they have symptoms, and that his wife is infected with Corona, and he is in a state of suspected infection.

The irony here is that the controversy raised by the statements of the musician Hani Muhanna regarding his daughter Hanadi and her husband Ahmed, is not considered the first, as the same thing happened after their wedding.

“Muhanna” had expressed, during a telephone conversation with Syed Ali on the “Hazrat Muwatin” program, his annoyance at the appearance of festivals singers, Hamo Beka, Omar Kamal and Hassan Shakoush, at Hanadi and Ahmed’s wedding, stressing that the trio had not invited them.

With the escalation of the situation with the confirmation of singer Omar Kamal that they were not attending the concert without an invitation, and the artist Hanadi Muhanna posted a video clip on her page on the ‘Instagram’ website, confirming that she was the one who directed the invitation to the festivals singers, without the knowledge of her father, the musician Hani Muhanna.


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