Corona “kills” male fertility … Beware of infection 3 times


The study, conducted by doctors at the University of Rome, showed that men do develop infection Covid-19 They are “three times” at risk of developing erectile dysfunction compared to others without the disease.

Doctors at the University of Rome asked 100 men, average age 33, to report any emotional or sexual problems they had recently encountered, and 28 percent of those infected with the Corona virus answered in the affirmative.

The researchers said that it is known that Corona Virus It causes inflammation of the inner lining of blood vessels throughout the body, including the genitals.

And because the arteries that feed genitals Small and narrow, any inflammation would potentially disrupt blood flow and impede a man’s sexual response.

This is the latest research that reveals that men, in many ways, are affected by infection with the Coronavirus more than women, as they are more prone to serious symptoms, and deaths among men due to disease are more than women.

Experts attributed these differences in symptoms to levels Sex hormones In women and men, it has estrogen and testosterone, which partly explains Erection problem In some people who are infected with the Coronavirus.

Estrogen is believed to be the key to improving immune function in women and helping protect the cardiovascular system.

High testosterone levels may increase some of the risks to a regimen heart and blood vessels, Which is under great pressure due to the Corona virus.

But new research offers another idea not just about how our sex hormones help fight Covid-19, but how the virus can interfere with its production, causing spillover effects.

In this regard, says Channa Jayasina, consultant medicine Endocrine And male diseases, “one of the twisted ways that the virus enters the body is not by binding to the protein in the lungs, but in the genitals.”

Jayasina, who works at Hammersmith Hospital in London, added that when COVID-19 binds to these receptors, it can no longer perform its normal function.

Virus receptors have already been found throughout the body widely, in the lungs and the cardiovascular system, as well as at high levels in the testicles.

Jayasina noted that Covid-19 makes men suffer from low levels Testosterone, It can affect the menstrual cycle of women and menopause as well, but she stressed that the evidence for this is still little.

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