Corona virus: India discovers a new strain that combines two mutations in the same virus


A new strain of corona

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Experts in India fear the new strain will spread due to its ability to bypass the immune system

Researchers have revealed the presence of a new, double-mutating strain of Corona virus in India after examining a group of samples of the infected.

Experts are now working to determine whether the new strain, which combines “two different mutations in the same virus”, is rapidly spreading and how effective the vaccine is on it.

Examination results of 10,787 samples from 18 Indian states indicated that 736 cases were infected with the British strain of the virus, and 34 other cases were infected with the South African strain, while one case was confirmed to be infected with the Brazilian strain.

This news comes at a time when the number of new cases of Corona virus increases in India, but the government said that it has nothing to do with the current rise in the number of infections and those strains.

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