Corona virus: “My nurse sister asked me while she was dying to continue her mission.”


  • Rebecca Woods
  • BBC News – West Midlands

Coupon (right) and her sister, Arima

Photo released, Kazeema Afzal

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Coupon (right) and her sister, Arima

Nurse Arima Nasrin, one of the youngest health workers in Britain, was among those who lost their lives due to Covid-19 disease at the beginning of the epidemic last year.

Now, nearly a year after her death, her sister tells of Arimas last life-changing words.

The last time she saw Qassima, her sister alive, was while she was preparing to go to the intensive care room with ventilators, in the hospital where the sisters were working.

She recalls the moment when her sister Arima, who is 36, disappeared in front of her, behind the double doors, saying, “She waved to me with her hand and said to me I love you.”

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