Coronavirus: The death of a presidential candidate in Congo Brazzaville on election day


Guy Brice Parfait Colilas (archive snapshot from his 2016 election campaign)

Photo released, Getty Images

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Guy Brice Parfait Colilas was one of the six opposition candidates

The prominent opposition presidential candidate in the Congo Brazzaville, Guy Brice Parfait Colilas, who was suffering from a chronic infection with the Coronavirus, died hours after the polls closed.

His campaign manager said Colillas died on a plane that was taking him to France for treatment.

Hours earlier, the 61-year-old politician appeared in a video shared on social media, removing his oxygen mask and telling his supporters he was “fighting death,” calling on voters to vote in Sunday’s election.

The country’s election law does not eliminate election results in the event of the death of a candidate.

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