Coronavirus: What have we learned from countries that have succeeded in fighting the epidemic?


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The Covid 19 epidemic shook the whole world, with the number of deaths due to infection reaching more than 2.5 million and more than 115 million confirmed cases.

Jane Corbyn, from BBC-Panorama, conducted research to find the best examples of anti-virus strategies around the world, and ways to treat the leading countries of the epidemic across the four continents, finding four main areas that were most effective in containing the spread of the virus and preventing deaths due to it:

  • Take early and effective measures to control borders and monitor arrivals
  • Test, track, and trace every person suspected of having the disease
  • Taking care of those in quarantine and supporting their social affairs
  • Effective leadership, consistent messaging and timing

Of course, no one can say that he got everything perfectly. But the steps listed below highlight some of the policies that have proven effective around the world. And if you put it all together, you’ll get a chart of an “Epidemic Index” (a guide to managing future infectious disease outbreaks).

1- Preparation

When Stanley Park, who lives in Seoul, South Korea, went to pick up his daughter, Jo Yun, from the airport, he did not receive her with a hug as usual, but with a mask he wears on his face and a sterile spray bottle.

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