“Counterattack” … one of the heroes reveals the scenes of the series


Serial according to Artist Salah Abdullah, “It is taken entirely from the files of the Egyptian intelligence,” and monitors a side of the plots that Egypt confronted during the events of the January 25 revolution.

Recruiting attempt

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Abdullah expressed his happiness to participate in this national work, especially as he returns through it to cooperate with The artist Ahmed Ezz.

He explained that, through the series, he embodies the role of a retired army officer who decided to work on a school supplies library project to improve his economic situation, and at the same time he is the father of an Egyptian young man working abroad who was exposed to an attempt to recruit by the intelligence of a foreign country, whose role is embodied by the artist Ahmed Ezz, and his family consists of His wife, Majida Zaki, and his daughter, artist Mayan El-Sayed.

Abdullah revealed that the series “Counter Attack” constitutes a strong return to his cooperation with Ezz after a period of absence after a series of joint works that achieved great success on the level of audiences and critics, such as films.interest“The” hostage “, and” “the ghostIn which Abdullah embodied the role of the mastermind of evil, and tries to exploit an unemployed, amnesic youth named Saad, whose body is Ahmed Ezz and achieved great success then.

Corona and other causes

And about the reason for the delay in showing the series, which was scheduled for last year, Abdullah says: “Indeed, we started filming the series since last year, and we had hoped to show it last year, but due to the enormity of the work, and its constant review by the Egyptian intelligence, in addition to the fact that many of its scenes need To external photography in other countries is different, and with difficulty due to movement Corona pandemicWe were late to finish the series last year, but we are already close to its end, and God willing, you will see it in Ramadan this year. “

At the end of his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Abdullah affirmed his confidence in the seriess ability to attract viewers ’interest, not only because of the strength of its content derived from Egyptian intelligence files, but also for the strong participation of popular stars, such as Hend Sabry, Hisham Selim, Magda Zaki. , Muhammad Jumaa, and others, and the work is directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb.


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