“Cutting her face with a machete” .. Details of a young man’s assault on a girl who refused to marry


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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Ashmouni:

Motivated by jealousy, hatred and revenge, a young man in the city of Hammam in Matruh committed an incident of brutal assault with a machete on a student, after she left a private lesson, and was subsequently transferred to the Hammam Hospital in a dangerous condition, and it was found that she had a cut wound of 10 centimeters in the face, and two deep cuts At the head, they each exceeded 20 centimeters in length.

The clock was approaching three in the afternoon, while “Amal A”, a high school student, said goodbye to her classmates after completing a private lesson .. The girl did not know that she was within meters of a lurking human wolf, waiting for her to pounce on her and restore the dignity that the victim had wounded her. By refusing to associate with him.

According to the story of the father “AM”, he said: While my daughter, a student in the first grade of secondary school, was leaving the lesson, a young man tried to kidnap her and harass her at gunpoint (Satoor).

The victim’s father added: “My daughter tried to resist him and refused to obey his desires and submit to him, despite placing a weapon on her neck, which did not satisfy the accused, so he hit her with a machete, and caused her severe wounds to the head and the left hand.”

The girl, soaked in her blood, was transferred to Al-Hamam Central Hospital in Matrouh Governorate, with a 10-centimeter cut wound in the forehead, two cuts to the scalp of 20 cm in length for each wearer, and a double fracture in the left hand.

According to a medical source, the hospital security unit notified the emergency services about the arrival of the girl with severe and multiple wounds as a result of a person’s assault on her on the street.

The medical team administered the necessary first aid to the girl, while she was transferred to the operating room for urgent surgery until her health condition stabilized.

The pioneers of social networking pages circulated a story stating that the perpetrator tried more than once to block the victim’s path, under the pretext of her love for her and his desire to marry her, but she kept avoiding him and refused to be associated with him, which prompted him to attack her out of revenge.

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