“Cutting Omar Sharif’s Pants” … The story of Adel Haykal entering acting because of her


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Today, Tuesday, we have the anniversary of the birth of the late star Adel Heikal, goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly club in the 1960s, as he was born in Giza on March 23, 1934.

Adel Heikal was not satisfied with his stardom as a football player only, as he has 3 films in his credit as well, which are: “Rumors of Love” 1960, “Memoirs of a Student” 1962, and “Talk of the City” 1964.

And in an interview with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi on the program “Clearly” on “Al-Hayat” channel (April 2015); Haykal revealed the story of his entry into the world of acting; He said: “I was a friend of Jamal al-Laithi, Farid Shawqi and Omar al-Sharif. We would go out together and see the matches in the stadium for Zamalek or the arsenal.”

He adds: “When Saleh Selim contracted for the movie (The Seven Girls) 1961, I met producer Jamal Al Laithi Galli Running and said I want you to come before Salih Salim because he has a terrible popularity, I told him I told you I did not want to be perfect. Okay and I agree. “

Heikal continues: “When I first went to photography, I didn’t know my role. Jamal al-Laithi was the one who made me represent and didn’t have in my mind. This topic is pure. On the studio. “

He continued: “In the studio, director Fateen Abdel Wahab Jebni, me and Youssef Wahbi in one scene, Atari Youssef Wahbi did not say the script like what was written and say another thing purely to raise the status of the film itself. I had a piece of paper in my pocket that I kept and just, I found him talking to me his way, so he called me when he met me, I don’t know how to respond.

Heikal continued: “Youssef Wahbi said I will take you with me to the office with me, and there he tried to teach me acting. There is no use, I said, I tell you something. I told him what.

And about the famous “Keda Keda” scene with Youssef Wahbi and Omar Sharif; He said: “In this scene, I pulled Omar very hard and met him flying. His pants were cut in them and he was upset, I said to him, OK, I will do what you didn’t mean.”

Adel Heikal pointed out that among his artistic works, he is proud to participate only in the movie “Sending Love” with the stars: Omar Sharif, Souad Hosni, Youssef Wahbi, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Ihssan Sharif, Wadad Hamdi and others, directed by Fateen Abdel Wahab.

The events of “Rumor of Love” revolve around “Hussein”, the shy young man who loves his cousin “Samiha”, who does not pay him any attention, and loves her cousin “Lucy” the young man who knows dancing and singing, but Hussein’s uncle “Abdel Qader Al Nashashji” admires his nephew’s character. In his ostensible transformation into another person, he can attract the attention of his daughter and make her fall in love by drawing a cunning plan to spread a rumor that “Hussein” is having an affair with the movie star Hend Rostom, the fiancee of the football star Adel Haykal.

Adel Heikal left our world on September 22, 2018.


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