Damages of excessive eating eggs .. Raises cholesterol and causes diarrhea


Considered eggs One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, as one egg contains all the necessary nutrients that the body needs, it is a complete source of protein and rich in vitamin B12 and many antioxidants that help maintain health and prevent chronic diseases, however, excessive eating of eggs does not It is considered beneficial for health because it raises cholesterol and other health problems, according to the website.timesofindia“.


Increase Excessive eating of eggs Daily levels of harmful cholesterol in the body because egg yolks contain a high amount of cholesterol, despite recent studies confirm that dietary cholesterol, such as found in eggs, has a minimal effect on total and harmful cholesterol levels in the body, and that dietary saturated fats raise the level of harmful cholesterol.

How many eggs are allowed to be eaten without any damage?

When we talk about how many eggs a person can safely get without any harm, according to a recent study, a normal person can safely consume up to seven eggs per week, and if you do not suffer from any health problems, you can easily eat up to three eggs per day..

– The disadvantages of excessive eating eggs

1- Consuming a lot of eggs every day, especially in the summer, may lead to a build-up of heat in the body, which negatively affects bowel movement.

2- It can lead to diarrhea Especially with young children.

It is worth noting that until now there is no study or research that determines the maximum number of eggs that a person can eat per day, there is a need for more research in this area to reach a specific result, but it is always recommended to eat any food in moderation, whatever its health benefits..


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