Dana Hamdan raises controversy black exposed


Dana Hamdan, on her official page on the social networking site for Instagram photos and videos, published new photos of her.

Dana Hamdan appeared, with an attractive look in a black open dress with movements that highlighted her femininity.

It is noteworthy that the actress, Dana Hamdan, said that she was happy to choose the film “When We Are Born” as Egypt’s nomination in the Oscar competition for the best foreign language film.

She added in a statement: I love raising animals, especially dogs, because I own 6 dogs and the reason for my love is my sister Mays, as she had the idea of ​​the first dog coming home, and from here my love for them began.

It is noteworthy that Dana Hamdan’s latest work is the series “The Champs Elysees Tales”, which belongs to the type of lengthy drama, in which Dana embodied the character of a girl named “Zinat” who works as a singer in the “Teatro” in the period of the fifties in which the subject of the series, which consists of 45 episodes, was written by Ayman Selim. Noha Saeed, directed by Morcos Adel, in their first experiences in the world of drama, and its production is undertaken by the “Synergy” company.

Together with Dalia Mostafa, Iyad Nassar, Engy Al-Muqaddam, Mai Selim, Edward, Amani Kamal, Omar Al-Shennawi, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, and others will participate in the work tournament, along with Dalia Mustafa, written by Ayman Salim and Noha Saeed, and directed by Mark Adel.

Dana Hamdan raises controversy with the exposed black - witness


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